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Beta Later
By Rick Hoar
10 December 2013

Well, it looks like the BitTorrent streaming media project is going back into alpha testing. We saw some outstanding results, but without enough support for mobile, the BT folks decided to head back to the drawing board. (More on that as it develops.)

For now, we're returning our streaming operations to You'll be able to watch our LIVE productions with occasional "mid-roll" commercial interruptions by the free streaming provider, but they do now offer an inexpensive membership that will allow you to watch insert-free with a $4 monthly subscription. Do check it out.

Read the original BT LIVE story...




Show Pitch: "More Perfect Union"
by Rick Hoar
13 January 2013

When America wrestled democracy from out of King George’s rule, it was a hurried, messy job. Conceived in secret and ratified against threat of death, the social contracts that emerged were revolutionary and unpredictable.

Today, the United States is the most prosperous and free society on the face of God’s Earth, but our forefathers' dream of a better way persists. The world has changed so much in 200 years. Tyranny, democracy, and anarchy have all taken on new meanings, but American ingenuity remains steadfast.

We’re taking a look at new ways to govern today’s world for tomorrow. Constitution 2.0 will recognize the successes and shortcomings of the 18th Century original and try to improve upon the design of that document.

Can you help draft the next national charter? Join us as we create: a More Perfect Union.

Currently in pre-production for The Lone Star webcast network. Comment on Twitter with hashtag #MPU





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The Show Tech Show

The A-Team talks about life behind-the-scenes
in the world of event and broadcast production.

Tech, tips and war stories galore, here on The Lone Star.

You Can't Brew That on Television!

Ft. Worth brewers Kyle and Bano explore the booming
craft beer industry, LIVE from various venues around North Texas.

Fine tune your technique or just catch up on the world of
good beer - only on The Lone Star.

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The Half-Assed Sportscast

Sports news commentary, The Lone Star way.

From Dallas fan perspectives to coverage
of events on the frontier of competition,
it's the whole sports enchilada.

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Gaming and online entertainment news and reviews
plus the occasional streaming tournament. I like games,
and you like games. Watch. Split. Screen.

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TLS News Round-Up

News from the frontiers of science, business,
and governance, with special attention
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