Corporations ARE People Too?
by Rick Hoar, Managing Producer
January 21, 2010

Well, at least the U.S. judicial system isn’t corrupted beyond all recognition too. We can still depend on the good old Supreme Court to staunchly defend the basic human rights endowed by God upon gigantic corporations.

By declaring that the Bill of Rights and the concept of freedom of speech inherently apply to corporate campaign financing and special interest lobbying, as they did this Thursday (from AP:
your Justices have renewed their commitment to protecting the freedoms of the individual multinational conglomerate.

This spot of sarcasm has been brought to you by HappyCorp. “Buy Happy – or else.

Whaaaaat? Corporations have rights? I thought voters had rights. Not just absentee or “dead” voters as some of us call the base in this country’s electoral college, but you and me too. I’m all about less government interference, but it’s a little late in the game to be playing that card, I think. How about less government interference in individual lives?

Government should interfere all we want it to with companies operating in the United States. If they don’t like it, at least they can legally disconnect – take themselves to competing countries more conducive to their ways.

Instead, the Court has guaranteed the ability of companies like, oh I don’t know – INSURANCE CORPORATIONS, to continue to overwhelm the national political conversation.

Industry meets Candidate, Industry buys Candidate, Candidate mandates People pay Industry, Industry makes profit on Candidate purchase and reinvests in more Candidates.

Maybe this year a Republican and a Democrat, just to be safe.

Government by the people, for the people went out the window a looong time ago, folks. Thursday’s decision was definitely a step in the wrong direction, and it’s up to us to take our money elsewhere. Join me, won’t you?