Spin Class
op-ed by Kyle LaPointe
March 4, 2010

Based on the AP article:
[Obama urges Dems to seize moment on health care

WASHINGTON – Support from his own party in doubt, President Barack Obama summoned more than a dozen House Democrats to the White House Thursday, pleading with them to put aside their qualms, seize a historic moment and vote for his massive health care overhaul.

In back-to-back meetings in the Oval Office and Roosevelt Room, Obama urged uneasy rank-and-file moderates and progressives to focus on the positives rather than their deep disappointment with parts of the bill. The lawmakers said Obama assured them the legislation was merely the first step, and he promised to work with them in the future to improve its provisions.]

Maobama has started his third prong of his Attack On Democracy by urging reluctant democratic lawmakers to pass legislation that will mandate over 10 million people stop choosing not to have health insurance. He has encouraged them to pass legislation that no one wants, in a form that no one agrees on, in a time frame that is too short to consider ramifications. They need to think about creating a historic event. Not unlike the Titanic sinking, the Great Fire in Chicago, and the Cival War. HISTORIC!

In back-to-back meetings, Obama assured lawmakers that thinking of only the positive aspects of Socialized Medicine will allow them to sleep at night. As for the glaringly obvious intrusions on Democratic Freedoms and American pocketbooks: “Oh, those little guys? I wouldn’t worry about those little guys.” Now lawmakers feel better because Obama promised he would fix it.

Now that the Democratic leaders are all relieved, they should now feel free to relieve all over the Constitution. Ahhhhhhh

Spin Class is a recurring editorial post in which Kyle interprets headline news pieces to compensate for the spin placed on events by the mainstream media. His renditions of reported events provide an alternative way to look at the accounts of our elected leaders' actions. Enjoy!