Too Busy for God
By Rick Hoar, Managing Producer
April 8, 2010

I rediscovered faith some years ago now, and since I’ve been walking (more) in-step with God’s plan for me, there’s definitely been more peace and prosperity in my life. The only problem is, nowadays I can get so happy and productive that I fail to stay close to the Source of it all.

Like any relationship, I guess, the connection to God through Jesus just requires routine maintenance. For example, my wife is the most important person in my life, so just like I talk to her everyday - even when it’s really busy, I need to not neglect my relationship with God!

Not simple meditation or an empty silence to cool my jets, I honestly feel that I can accomplish more with a moment in actual prayer each day or night than through any amount of intense work that I could ever do without His regular guidance.

Prayers aren’t necessarily just poems of worship either – or magic wishes, or petitions of grievances. I realize that, when I am talking to God, I am really, actually, positively having a conversation directly with Him, and it’s in the fashion of a communiqué to a beloved parent or benefactor:

You really are great, and I hope that everyone gets that some day.

Please continue to help me along today, and I’m sorry for where I’ve screwed up (or soon will!), but I’ll try to be cool when others screw up and it affects me.

Please protect me from those that would see me harmed, because I know you are always on top of things, you’re someone we can always count on, you always have been, and always will be.

So, sworn on the greatest sacrifice ever made, “in Jesus’ name,” I say thank you.

…and that’s usually the bulk of my contribution to our conversations.

What does He say back? The truth is amazing! While some people may or may not hear voices or see visions, God has always responded to me in heartfelt experiences that are absolutely crafted to reach me personally. Some replies are so obvious and immediate that I’ve long stopped being surprised at His tangibility.

However, one reply took years of cause-and-effect happenstances and a journey of changes in my life to answer the simple challenge I once blindly and angrily posed into the dark: “If you’re there, then YOU find a way to communicate with ME!” So, yeah, there really is something critical to this whole keep talking thing.

If you’re a Christian, but maybe you’ve strayed from your Shepherd a bit, just start talking to God a little more each day.

If you’re agnostic or unsure about the Spiritual part of life, I urge you to suspend your ingrained disbelief and reach out to the one called Jesus Christ. Maintain your skepticism, but do some observing of your own. Open your mind and kill your TV. And be careful what you ask for in the Lord’s name – you will get it, even if you don’t understand the consequences of your desires, I assure you!

I’ll wrap this up, but if anyone has any questions on this, please e-mail me at, and I’ll do my best to help out. God bless, all. I’ll keep you in my prayers!