All systems are go.
By Rick Hoar
August 30, 2014

After a lengthy public hiatus, I’m happy to report that The Lone Star is ready to return to the new media frontier. While we’ve been dark, our engineer monkeys have been hard at work re-tooling the studio, mobility, and distribution operations for Our home base in Roanoke now boasts a comfortable set and broadcast center. The upgraded HD production hardware has been integrated into the most powerful portable case system in existence (pictured below), and our new streaming distribution partner seems to be doing an outstanding job replicating our product for viewers on all platforms.

We’re still filling out the schedule and searching for live events that will captivate and delight our audience, but we want you to know that we’re still committed to finding innovative programming that speaks to our core values: sustainable progress, independence, and the respectful observance of traditions and faith.

We welcome public comment and invite social media interaction. Our new chat system is also at your disposal to speak directly with our talent and producers when we’re LIVE, so don’t hesitate to participate in this channel that we hope will become both a community and beacon for likeminded folks throughout our world. Thanks for joining us on the journey, and stay tuned!