I'm a Mac = I'm a Democrat
November 21, 2009

If you’re the ambidextrous geek that frequents “both” Windows and Mac operating environments, you’ve no doubt noticed the eerie and increasing similarities between the two prevalent flavors of computer desktop. Devout Mac and PC users alike will often vigorously defend their OS choice when debate over which is superior arises, but there’s clearly more in common than not between the two species.

Think about the exotic user interfaces that science fiction often portrays. Have we ever seen a folder hierarchy on the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise? Did Battlestar Galactica function under the yoke of drop-down menus? So, if a Mac is the trendy alternative to the boring PC, and Windows is such a better business tool than OS X, how is it that it is nearly impossible to escape dashboards, folders, trash bins, pop-ups and wallpapers?

The whole circus is a metaphor for our political landscape. The truth is that Democrats are indistinguishable from Republicans too. The rhetoric is strong, and the population is continually assured by the media that the two parties are at each others throats, but the concept of democratic choice has become a scam.

Macs and PC’s both use Intel electronics.

The Two-Party System is a False Dichotomy.

By dominating the political stage, the voting population is distracted from important issues. By artificially dividing the citizenry, our ability to resist tyranny is reduced. (“United we stand, divided we fall.”) And, by gaining relevance from their own theatrics, the actors denigrate the very value of our culture in general.

This is not the call to action. This is the analysis of the state we have come to inhabit. If you have been duped once, you may be susceptible again. So, tread carefully in this land of trickery and lies, and seek the guidance of the Lord in all that you do. Who else is to be trusted?