Spin Class
op-ed by Kyle LaPointe
December 22, 2009

Based on the AP article:
[Obama: No vacation until Senate passes health bill

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama won't leave Washington for his Hawaii vacation until the Senate finishes work on the health care overhaul, even if that means staying in town for Christmas Eve.

The Senate is on track to pass its version of the health care bill on Christmas Eve. The president and his family are expected to spend the holidays in Obama's native Hawaii, but the White House has not provided details of their final plans.]


President Obama has stated that he will not flee the nationwide political fallout until after he is sure that he has successfully created Ground Zero. He will postpone his departure from the continental United States until after the most invasive and socialist law in American history is passed.

The Senate is poised to pass this bill in the late hours of the Eve of one of our nation's most celebrated and travelled holidays, conveniently postponing mass-criticism until 2010. This will allow White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs to respond to naysayers with the phrase, “Come on people, that is SOOO last year.”

Spin Class is a recurring editorial post in which Kyle interprets headline news pieces to compensate for the spin placed on events by the mainstream media. His renditions of reported events provide an alternative way to look at the accounts of our elected leaders' actions. Enjoy!